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Erectile dysfunction treatments
Erectile dysfunction treatments

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments:

There are different types of erectile dysfunction treatments available for men. Doctors would analyze their medical condition before prescribing any erectile dysfunction treatments.

Before we jump into treatment for erectile dysfunction, let’s know more about erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction (ED) / Impotence is a condition that creates inability in men to get an erection or to maintain the erection for a long lasting sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction happens mostly due to two main health reasons, such as: Psychological Impotence and Physical Impotence. Around 75% of the men suffer from physical impotence and the remaining 25% suffer from Psychological Impotence.

ED is very common among men. Every man has to experience erectile dysfunction during some point in their life time. Doctors would be the best person to understand the reason for our erectile dysfunction. Certain Impotence doesn’t require erectile dysfunction treatments as it will self heal with time. They are caused due to depression, anxiety, fear etc. When they overcome anxiety or depression, they can very well have a hard erection.

3 Types of erectile dysfunction treatments:

The top three types of erectile dysfunction treatments available are:

erectile dysfunction pills

Normally any sexologist would prescribe Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Kamagra as erectile dysfunction treatment options. These are not course medicines, but SOS. One can have these sexual medicines any time at their convenience.

The doctor would discuss with you as to what power you are willing to have during sex etc and only based on that he will prescribe these erectile dysfunction treatments. Because, Viagra lasts for only 4 hours, whereas, Cialis is considered to be the weekend pill, which lasts for 2 days!

It is advised to being your ED treatment with minimum dosage and then to increase based on your requirement and body condition.

These ED pills may not work properly for the first couple of times. You may have to try a few times then decide if the pill is working for you or not.

Vacuum Device for erectile dysfunction treatments

Vacuum device is also used for erectile dysfunction treatments. The best part is, it is not a medicine to consume and to have side effects. The vacuum device is used as suction on the penis, where it pulls the penis upwards and making it hard by creating the blood to force inside the penis soft tissues. These penis vacuum devices are inexpensive and work very well for men with erectile dysfunction issues.

But to have an erection with the help of vacuum device is very unnatural. Men using this device may experience cold erection or the partner might feel your cold penis.

There is possibility for the blood vessels to burst due to un-natural way of pulling penis upwards. Only about 20% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction use these vacuum devices.

Injections for erectile dysfunction treatments

Injection therapy is another alternative for medications or Vacuum pumps. These injections are very minute needle / fine needle. These needles are even used by diabetes patients as an insulin syringe. You just have to place the injection into the soft tissues of the penis, which is present in the sides of the penis. These injections are not painful.

What happens is that the drug diffuses the complete penis and gives a natural erection within 5 minutes.

The downsides of these injections are men who are scared of injections will hesitate to insert these syringe and they feel weird to insert into the penis. Only 50% of the men consider this to be the best erectile dysfunction treatment.

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